About the Company

Based in Chalfont St.Peter, ELECTRACOM offers building management control and integration expertise alongside integration, communications, energy and services divisions. The divisional businesses work closely together to deliver holistic and integrated intelligent building solutions and services to clients.

ELECTRACOM is dedicated to providing bespoke building management solutions that meet client requirements and budget constraints. Controlling critical systems such as HVAC, lighting, fire, CCTV, security access and life solutions, their supply of products and system solutions span the world with installations and services.

Since its formation in 2003, ELECTRACOM has carefully chosen its partners for providing building
solutions and maintained its relationships with manufacturers who are at the forefront of technology. ELECTRACOM Controls prides itself in monitoring market developments and, in conjunction with client requirement trends, strongly believes that the solutions they provide are the best available. The designs are produced with the intention of future-proofing the resultant installation as much as is feasibly possible – providing clients with solutions that encompass flexibility and capacity.

ELECTRACOM is committed to offering the optimum solution for any intelligent building; here are just a few of the key technologies and trusted industry links they use: