Electracom Energy

Leveraging key industry experience, ELECTRACOM Energy provides a comprehensive suite of integrated energy management and energy reduction solutions, which ensure that today’s organisations are actively implementing initiatives to achieve environmental compliance and maximise energy savings.

Intelligent buildings work with their environment to maximise the use of the resources around them – such as the ambient temperature and available sunlight – while ensuring that services work together on a demand-driven basis to significantly reduce energy consumption


ELECTRACOM Energy configures buildings to operate on a demand driven basis so they only run when they need to. Using integration skills to interconnect heating, cooling and lighting,

ELECTRACOM Energy can deliver many specific projects to drive dramatic energy consumption savings, such as:

Full metering solution packages

Optimising air flow within a room based on physical occupancy

Maximise natural ventilation and free cooling where possible

Set point and dead band optimisation

Fit variable speed drives to all key motors, fans and pumps

Review the zoning and sequencing of chillers and boilers


Timing controls to switch off heating and lighting in certain areas (often used with occupancy detection)

Lux or photocell (inc. dimming) to maximise natural light

PIR and occupancy detection for heating and lighting control

Zone based lighting configurations (soft wired for flexibility), such as specific circuits around the windows

Provision of flexible user controls and education

To ensure the highest standard of service delivery, accuracy and transparency of operation, ELECTRACOM Energy solutions are delivered through the following technologies:

Bill validation and energy management software solution (hosted or in-house)