All aspects of electrical installation.

  • Power
  • Controls
  • Data

We at Electracom understand that not all projects are straight forward - and require solutions to enable the project to run smoothly.

ELECTRACOM offers a thorough understanding of controls technologies, strategies and tools.

ELECTRACOM combines and applies its suite of building management service offerings using a holistic solution delivery approach that’s tailored to the specific needs of a client organisation.

This includes serving as a strategic advisor and providing end-to-end solution delivery support.
ELECTRACOM works closely with technology and business organisations to create control capabilities that not only meet today’s needs to reduce cost, but also addresses tomorrow’s needs for enhanced business and operational capabilities enabled by converged networks


Electracom works closely with customers to combine capabilities to produce market specific applications. Electracom offers Solution Briefs that draw upon expertise from across the business and are packaged to address market specific applications


As the integration division, ELECTRACOM Integration specialises in both building control systems and networked integration; facilitating the delivery of holistic and integrated intelligent building solutions and services to its clients.

ELECTRACOM Integration uses a wide variety of products and technologies to implement effective solutions. Committed to an open systems approach, they utilise technologies such as LonWorks, BACnet and Tridium to enable products to communicate with each other across a common high speed network.

The specialist teams design systems using reliable engineering and control principles across many fields including Building Management Systems, Process Control, Power Management and Materials Handling. Their breadth of experience and quality of personnel ensures the flexibility of response necessary to complete projects to the highest standards.
ELECTRACOM Integration is committed to offering optimum technologies including:






ELECTRACOM Integration sees ‘integration’ as the bridge between technologies and software. Careful understanding of how the building processes work and the capabilities which the underlying systems must deliver is of paramount importance.

ELECTRACOM Integration maintains that organisations which will achieve the greatest benefits from an integrated approach are those that establish and follow a long-term plan. ELECTRACOM Integration takes control of costs, enhances system functionality, and improves the ability to support the business and operating strategy with systems that drive additional value and high performance.

ELECTRACOM Integration’s solutions enable organisations to achieve significant system performance improvements and efficiencies. Combining the best of business, industry and technical expertise, ELECTRACOM Integration can help in the implementation of a customised integrated building environment by meeting the specific needs of customers now and into the future